Review: Huntress

Huntress by A.E. Radley is a mystery/crime novel which throws the reader right into the middle of the action. I really liked that – no lengthy setting of the scene or slow introduction of characters.

Amy, who has been “temping” at a motorway service station for ages, has tried to report a missing person. As the police are no help at all, she decides to investigate. Soon she is the one being investigated… and hunted!

The characters of Amy and her friend Kerry were realistic (sometimes maybe too much – put yourself in their shoes and imagine the outcome!), although I wonder how Amy had managed to survive until the events of Huntress, being so trusting of everyone. Sheer dumb luck?

The freelance agent, Claudia, seemed a bit more distant; I would have liked to read more about her as she was a really intriguing character.

Huntress was funny, kept its suspense and had a lot of interesting details, expecially for a trivia buff like me. I couldn’t put it down! Started reading late in the evening, finished a quarter to five the next morning – that’s how gripping it was.



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