Review: A Woman Lost

Rich, successful Elizabeth Petrie seems to have everything: a job, a nice apartment, a girlfriend. What she doesn’t have is the approval of her parents, or any idea what she wants out of life.

Talk about flawed main characters! Lizzie is totally clueless, very self-absorbed and a bit of an asshole. At times I just wanted to smack her upside the head, at times I felt guilty because I recognised some of Lizzie’s traits in myself.

Lizzie has one confidant, with whom she has no problem talking about – well, almost everything. Too bad this person isn’t her girlfriend! Little by little, though, things start to change… but not before Lizzie really screws up and has to face the consequences.

An enjoyable, captivating read. I really liked it that it wasn’t always comfortable reading and that this wasn’t a usual girl-meets-girl type of a romance novel. Now I need more 🙂 Good thing then, that A Woman Lost by T.B. Markinson has a sequel.. and a prequel!



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