Review: Bring Holly Home

A.E. Radley did it again: another book I couldn’t let go until I’d finished it!

Bigshot magazine editor Victoria Hastings is back in Paris. A year before, her assistant, Holly Carter, quit and left while they were in Paris. Now Victoria finds out Holly was injured and admitted to a hospital with severe amnesia and without an identity. Victoria arranges for Holly to be taken home – literally, to her home because she feels guilty.

This is a surprisingly pleasant tale of a long recovery, personal discoveries, budding friendship and more. I say surprisingly, because… well, it’s about someone who seems to have lost everything, along with her memory – seems a bit bleak, right? It’s not.

As in all Radley’s novels, there’s plenty of warmth and humour – perfect reading for these (still) chilly spring days and nights. (review originally written 28th March, 2018)



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