Review: Climbing the Ladder

Chloe has finally landed the job of her dreams – at a magazine she’s loved since forever. Her first week is full of excitement, drama, and action.. quite the opposite of what you’d think a first week at a new job would be.

There’s a big cast of characters, some nice, some so not, lots of office gossip, intrigue and crushes (oh, poor Darcy!), but it doesn’t seem daunting at all once you get going with the story. It’s funny and cute and had me completely invested in the characters – although I wanted to shout at Chloe for… no, not going to say. Her parents too, oh god.

Another character in the book could actually be London. The snippets of life in the city – the tube rides, the streets and crowds – are so real I almost felt like I was there!

Climbing the Ladder by A.E. Radley left me happy but hungry for more. I really want to know what happens next… to every one of the characters – yes, the uptight asshole, too.



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