Review: Coffee and Conclusions

Coffee and Conclusions by Emma Sterner-Radley is the second, concluding part of Midninght Coffee. If you liked the first part, you’ll like this one even more!

Erin and Isabella move on from chats and phonecalls to meeting face to face. The awkwardness of their first meeting was so real I found myself grimacing! Erin moves on and up with her job, Isabella gets settled in to her new place and they meet again. And again… and soon they’re in a “real” relationship and have to start planning accordingly.

Quite a bit happens before the (inevitable) happy ending, and it’s not all ice-cream and balloons for the protagonists. Both Erin and Isabella have to face some demons, and eventually Erin, who constantly thinks of Isabella as the adult one, begins to understand that she is no loser (silly head, the reader knew all along you’re great!).

The characters are all very real – funny, silly, occasionally irritating, and in the case of one Mrs. Martinez, completely infuriating.



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