Review: Confessions from the Heart

This is the prequel to the Confessions series, which I haven’t read yet. After this, I definitely will!

Cori is an aspiring writer, with a famous author as mother. She seems to have everything under control, but in reality, not quite. She and her best friend Annie have a friends with benefits thing going on, but when Cori runs across Kat and things soon get serious, complications arise.

Confessions from the Heart by T.B. Markinson is told from Cori’s point of view and it’s easy to see how Cori is sometimes clueless about things happening around her. The dialogue between Cori and Kat is brilliant, the supporting characters are fully fleshed out and not everything is revealed to the reader… which would be odd; Cori isn’t omniscient!

Next I’ll have to read the other two books in the Confessions series – I really liked these characters and want to know more about them.



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