Review: Falling Hard

This was a nice book. Nothing too dramatic, nothing too angsty, just an opposites attract sort of story. Jordan is a bit of a player, Emma isn’t. Emma has a kid, Jordan doesn’t. Jordan is a surgeon, Emma was cheated by one.

Jordan gets injured and helpful neighbour Emma lends a hand.. and things develop from there. The characters are all pleasant enough and I did like the way the slow burn romance was done.. and I might even read it again.

It’s just that Falling Hard by Jae contains no surprises. A tiny bit of drama with the ex and that’s about it. The player is easily transformed into someone who wants a steady, exclusive relationship and although some people around her are surprised, most aren’t.

So, nothing wrong with anything.. but still, there was something missing (and I can’t put my finger on it). Liked it anyway, but I know Jae can write better.

🎯🎯🎯½ (rounded up to 🎯🎯🎯🎯)


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