Review: Family Ties

“Brilliant! I’m going to lose some sleep tonight but who cares, I have to know how this ends!” That’s what I wrote on Goodreads when there was still a bit left to read.

It’s been a while since I’ve last read a political thriller – and being thrown right into the middle of the action felt great! Family Ties by Amanda Radley has it all: kick-ass heroine, big supporting cast, intrigue, even chase scenes and… and everything you’d want in this genre.

This book is a bit like P.D. James (loads of upper-class characters) meets John Grisham (gripping action that you don’t want to stop reading), but then again, there’s warmth and humour, sometimes in unexpected places.. yeah, it’s Radley.

The action is breathtaking at times, but it’s nicely balanced with calmer moments, and I never felt that there was too much of either. Sarah, the main character, was thoroughly fascinating; I really hope there will be more books with her as the lead.

(I know, this is a short review but I don’t want to spoil anything – so will not comment on the plot at all!) 



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