Review: Greengage Plots

Kit Sorel is new to the island of Greengage. The island is a bit different from what she’s used to: here kittens can race, fruit can be sexy, wheelbarrows can be menacing, straight women might not be so straight after all, the owls are not what they… oh wait, that was another place! Anyway, when Kit tries to use her talents for plotting to help a friend, she soon discovers that on this British island anything can happen.

Kit tries to stay diplomatic and calm among the quirky locals, feuding families included, all the while working at the local library and not being interested in love or anything like that at all.

Greengage Plots by Emma Sterner-Radley has a whole bunch of funny characters, great lines and dialogue that wouldn’t be out of place in a 40’s screwball comedy (if it was made in Britain), hilarious and sweet moments. Especially the budding romance is a lovely mixture of cheesy and cute – sort of like in Tinderbox Tales, where tropes are simultaneously put to use and made fun of.

Really loved this story – I’m smiling even as I’m typing up this review – and will definitely recommend it to anyone who’s willing to listen (and even if they aren’t).

I wouldn’t mind reading more about the island of Greengage and its inhabitants, especially the co-owners of Pub 42!



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