Review: Hooked on You

Anna, a divorced teacher, needs a hobby… or a friend… or a life beyond work. Ollie runs a crochet class and a yarn shop. Anna joins the class, which turns out to be a bit more than just a craft thing. Little by little (real slow burn, this one – loved it) these two learn things about each other, find out they have quite a bit in common, strike up a friendship and move on from there.

Both protagonists of Hooked on You by Jenn Matthews are middle-aged, with grown children, so this is a nice change from the usual lesfic fare – although to be honest, it’s getting more common now to have older main characters (yay!).

There’s a bunch of funny side characters, very little drama, and it’s a sweet story over all. And damn if the book didn’t make me want to learn a bit more than the chain stitch (which is the only thing I learned about crocheting, in school, years and years ago)!



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