Review: Journey’s End

The third part of The Flight Series, Journey’s End, by A.E. Radley is a great read! I loved Flight SQA016, liked the sequel, Grounded, very much (but not as much as the first book), and this last one is at least as good as the first.

Olivia and Emily get married in a refreshingly short and sweet episode (after all, the marriage ceremony is not the point of this story) and have arranged their lives anew: this time the one to commute between New York and London is Emily. Olivia has to adjust to being the stay-at-home mother, which brings about some misunderstandings and funny situations.

There’s a lot of humour and warmth, plenty of longing, but also a subplot that’s a bit unpleasant (not to read, mind you!) – but it can’t all be flowers and sunshine ‘cos that would make a pretty boring story.

Good things: the love, the humour, theatre stuff, Fluffy!

Bad things: er… that it ended – or did I just read it too quickly?

Anyway, loved it.



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