Review: Mergers and Acquisitions

Take two successful, competitive marketing pros (Kate and Georgina), one young assistant (Sophie), and a huge project. Add some office drama, personal drama, ambition, big egos and fangirling, mix them up in a non-hetero way, and this story is what you get. It’s not a usual sort of office romance, and if you’re looking for descriptions of wild sex in the printer room, look elsewhere.

Mergers and Acquisitions is another Radley book that I just couldn’t put down until I’d reached the end. The story starts slowly, but soon enough, there are twists and turns, and while you just know that two people will get together (hey, it’s a romance, it has to happen), you can’t be quite sure which two it will be.

There are echoes of Mirandy and Supercat (e.g. intentionally using the wrong name when talking to someone), humour and that romance. At times I wanted to shout at the characters for being so oblivious (sure sign that it’s well written if I get frustrated on their behalf)!

A very enjoyable read, which I immediately recommended to my spouse and friends.



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