Review: Mine to Keep

Mine to Keep by Wendy Hudson is a thriller/romance. There’s Erin, who’s recently lost her mother and now trying to find her father, of whom she only has vague memories – and nightmares. There’s Abigail, a chef and part owner of a hotel (in a castle, in Scotland! see why I got interested?), who along with her brother, strike up a friendship with Erin. Mysteries, leads and rumours about Erin’s relatives abound…

Part of the story is from the villain’s point of view, so there isn’t really a big mystery or suprise for the reader – but that doesn’t mean you won’t be hanging on the edge of your seat, wondering how it will all turn out.

I loved the setting – small town/village and the castle – and the characters were great; I especially liked the (at first) withdrawn and taciturn Erin. And the villain was super creepy!

Now I have to get my hands on other works by Hudson…



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