Review: Nothing to Lose

Nothing to lose by Clare Lydon – here’s what I wrote on Goodreads when I’d read it (20th November 2017): “bought it yesterday at 22.15 (Kobo), finished reading today at 02.45. Damn, it was good – couldn’t put it down and got all exasperated at my spouse who kept talking to me and interrupting my reading!

”Another nice, feelgood romance to read over and over, another writer to fangirl over, more books to buy (physical copies next!)… *groan* :-D”

This was the first book by Lydon I read and it really seems like I started from the top. It’s a lighthearted romance with some more serious undertones, but nothing is ever really angsty or too tough.

Scarlet is among the many people in her hometown who has to be evacuated because of a flood. Joy is one of the volunteers who offer temporary accommodation – and she’s also the town mayor. Scarlet is a pessimist, sort of adrift in her life, while Joy is a recently divorced life coach and mostly an optimist.. just a bit hesitant to come out. Their romance is actually quite predictable, but really sweet, and the supporting cast is great.

I had nothing to lose by buying this book (the e-book was a limited-time 0,99€ bargain) and it made me want more… like loads more. Glad there’s a lot to read; Lydon is quite a productive writer.



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