Review: Perfect Rhythm

Now this was a refreshing story! I don’t think I’ve encountered an ace main character in any book (least of all romance) before.

Leo is a super popular singer/musician, and now she’s back in her old hometown – to see her father, perhaps for the last time. Holly is the nurse who takes care of Leo’s father and who has almost become another family member. Holly is not impressed by Leo (or rather her public persona, Jenna), at all.

Add a difficult father-daughter relationship, small-town attitudes and expectations, and an almost reluctant friendship – plus a “charming” manager… Leo sure has her hands full, with no time to think of her brilliant career.

The romance in Perfect Rhythm by Jae is a real slow burn – apparently typical of this author – but not a boring one. Far from it; you won’t have to wait until the end before something happens. The relationship is nicely shown to contain much more than simple attraction, kissing and (the usually inevitable) sex.

Sure, there’s a bit of explaining about asexuality – in case the reader has no idea what it entails – but that’s ok, I didn’t think it interfered with the plot.



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