Review: The Big Uneasy

I already loved The Road Ahead, and when I found out about the sequel, I was.. I don’t even know the words to say how absolutely thrilled I was.

Rebecca and Arabella are travelling together again, despite their first trip, which was not a success. This time they go to New Orleans (also known as The Big Easy). They’re also visiting Jenn, one of Rebecca’s friends, who works numerous jobs in the city. 

Jenn keeps running into Kathryn, who is on a forced vacation, and despite Kathryn’s prickly demeanor, wants to show that the city does live up to its nickname. Just like Arabella in The Road ahead, Kathryn claims to be straight. We’ll just see how that goes!

Rebecca and Arabella see the sights, explore the local cuisine and culture, and the reader gets to see not only the city through their eyes but also how their relationship develops. If you were disappointed that “nothing happened” in the previous book, it is all explained here.

The two separate storylines eventually converge, and with the help of a laughter-inducing supporting cast everything falls into place. I loved the parallels between the two pairs, the dialogue is again spot on, and dammit, I want to hug this book, too.



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