Review: The Road Ahead

When all planes from Faro, Portugal are grounded and the only way home is a shared car, Rebecca and Arabella, who have only just met, must try to get along. Both want to be home for Christmas and time is running out. That’s the opening premise of The Road Ahead by A.E. Radley.

Two completely different women, thrown together by circumstance, on a long road trip… You’d think this is a complete clichéfest? Nope, no potholes on this road!

Both characters have their quirks and hangups, good and bad sides. But a tentative acquaintance starts to very slowly develop into friendship. There are arguments and pauses along the way, and I loved every detail.

The bigger, more serious themes – loss and grief, living up to expectations, discovering one’s sexuality at a later age – nicely balance out the humour and dare I say, fluff (which is not a bad thing at all!). I love fluff and when this book was finished, I wanted to hug it.



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