Review: Who’d Have Thought

Who’d Have Thought by G. Benson is fake marriage story – except these characters do actually get married! There’s an aloof but excellent surgeon, Samantha, who needs to get married for a year and puts out an advertisement for it, promising a large sum of money. Hayden, a nurse who at work hates Sam, but who also needs the money, answers the ad…

I was totally hooked by chapter 6! Great characters – one nonbinary, one pansexual, one bad at reading social cues. There’s lots of fun dialogue but also moments that make you think.

There’s also a mention of checking out someone’s collarbones! And of course the fake relationship trope *hearteyes*! LotR! Another one bites the dust! And all the other little pop culture references and cool details!

Stopped reading around 4 in the morning (couldn’t keep my eyes open any more), finished the book sometime after 8 and then took a nap. Loved it – the book, I mean. 



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