Review: You’re My Kind

As a nod to a certain movie mentioned in the book: Gripping. It’s not Jane Austen, it’s not Henry James but it’s gripping.

A bit darker tones here in a story about love, life, death and – cake. Justine is more than a bit bitter about her ex, Maddie, suddenly turning up to a friend’s funeral.. and even more so when she finds out Maddie intends to stay and wants to be friends again. Maddie, who ten years previously just up and left without any explanation! The nerve!

Basically You’re My Kind by Clare Lydon is still a romcom, with the dark nicely balanced with the light-hearted. I wouldn’t have been as forgiving as Justine, but to each their own.

So many good bits, funny and sweet and emotional.. and I’m so happy I didn’t read this on day two of my period (tmi, sorry)! Especially loved the gender-neutral baby things, the toolbelt reference, the dachshund.. and probably other details I can’t think of right now. Have to read it again soon!

Oh, and this one:
I stopped breathing. Just the fact of her lips so close to mine rendered me speechless.
I held my breath too while reading that! Like I said, gripping.



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