Review: Write Your Own Script

This book was love at first sight, from the teaser that was published in March, to the preview chapters …to when I finally had the book on my phone to read. 

The story starts with both protagonists needing some space away from other people. Tamsyn has had enough of sexism and ageism in the workplace (she’s a super popular actor, firmly in the closet) and Maggie is fighting a writer’s block (she’s written hugely successful historical romances under one pseudonym and lesfic under another). They meet. Maggie turns out to have a huge crush on Tamsyn.. and Tamsyn is more than a bit intrigued by Maggie.

They make a deal – just this short affair, while they’re both away from their own worlds, and that’s it.

Both characters are complex, realistic people – I loved them both equally and could easily relate to Maggie (not as a writer, but a fangirl). Third character, Gizmo, was a total sweetie (I’ve known one like him)! The story spans quite a long time, so even though it starts with a bang, it’s a sort of slow burn with enough drama to last for pages and pages – and all so beautifully written!

Once I started, I didn’t want to stop reading (which was a bit difficult considering I was reading at work), and when I’d stopped, I had to start over, just in case I’d read it too quickly and missed something important. Yep, Write Your Own Script by A.L. Brooks caused a classic book hangover.

I have recommended this book to just about everyone, gushed about it on social media and with other readers, and surprisingly enough, managed to stay somewhat civilised when talking to the author – but that’s another story.



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