Review: A Heart to Trust

Jenny Quinn, familiar from The Long Shot, keeps working as a TV production assistant until her company is bought out by a bigger one. Now she has to compete for her own job in a team of four, under a new boss. One is her old coworker, one is extremely chipper and outgoing, and one is aloof and cold to the point of being a block of ice.

So we have a workplace, enemies-to-lovers romance, with plenty of office intrigue, gossip at the water cooler as well as hard work, some of which is very relatable.

The characters are yet again brilliant; this is an A.L. Brooks novel so that’s not exactly news. I wanted to yell at Jenny and Chrissy several times, rolled my eyes at Olivia, and near the end punched the air (it’s cool, I wasn’t anywhere public).

There’s a subplot involving Olivia and her family (well, mostly in-laws) situation, and it’s as gripping as it is occasionally frustrating, because you just want her to be all right!

The romance builds slowly from grudging respect to something like friendship to love, and mixed in with the trust issues of both protagonists, the workplace politics and the twists and turns of that plot, it’s a thoroughly gripping journey you won’t want to miss!



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