Review: Hotel Queens

Ok, first a note about the author and your view on her.. If you thought Lee Winter was already great, prepare to be amazed, because she’s just topped herself. If you thought Lee Winter was good but overrated, read this and be prepared to change your opinion. This book is simply brilliant!

Everything is top notch: the characters, the dialogue, the drama, the sting, the opposites-attract romance that sizzles (and gets steamy).

Amelia is the ice queen character of this story: a VP of a family-owned chain of hotels, trying to get an even higher position. Kai, the fire to Amelia’s ice, is from a rival hotel company, known for her talent to make great deals. They meet without knowing who the other is and flirt… but then reality interferes.

Hotel Queens by Lee Winter is not a short, neat little story set in the corporate world; it’s more like a thriller, but without the dead bodies. Twists and turns and intrigues galore, Hotel Queens is a long ride and one you’ll enjoy immensely. 



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