Review: Shadow Haven

Shadow Haven by AJ Schippers – now this is how you write a BDSM relationship story! You start with an actual storyline – in this case, with a forced holiday on a private island. Julia is sent away by her boss, to relax at a luxury resort or something like that… or so she thinks. Alexandra is the owner of the private island and guesthouse – and she’s a professional dominatrix.

After the first meeting, arguments and misunderstandings, the two women, who are now trapped together because of weather conditions, must try to get along. Slowly but surely they warm up to each other, learn from each other, and eventually fall for each other. Hey, it’s a romance – it’s supposed to happen!

At times I wanted to yell at Julia and her childish temper, but also at Alexandra for being so damn obtuse 😀 There are only a couple of visiting side characters so the focus is totally on the two main characters.

If you’re like me and not really into BDSM, no worries – this story is more about the point and foundation of a good BDSM relationship, and less about the pain and humiliation (which way too many people think it’s about).