Review: Chasing Stars

Swiftwing is a superhero. She is also a humble assistant to Hollywood star Gwen Knight. When Gwen needs someone to pretend to be her new girlfriend, Swiftwing/Ava steps in to help. The problem is, Ava already has a crush on her boss and it gets more and more difficult to just pretend.

Add some alien bugs, human drama, and a bit of angst, and it’s a highly entertaining romp. Chasing Stars by Alex K. Thorne is sweet, funny and action-packed – well worth a read even if you’re not that into science fiction or superheroes.

I especially liked how the character interactions and relationships were written – not just between the main characters but also the supporting ones, like Ava’s best friend Nic or Gwen’s son Luke.

Way back when this was a fanfic story, I read it at least three times. Now I’ve read the book version twice. It’s that good.