Review: Detour to Love

cover of Detour to Love

Again! Amanda, I accuse you of ruining my sleep and daily rhythm – your books do this every time!

So, yes, Detour to Love by Amanda Radley is another book you won’t want to put down until it’s well and truly finished. A smarter reader would expect this and make time accordingly, like reading it over the weekend or a holiday. I never seem to learn.

There are a few similarities to The Road Ahead, like forced proximity, the first encounters that have the protagonists detest each one on sight, and the age gap.. but that’s all. This is a completely different sort of a story.

And what a story it is: delicious characters, relatable dialogue, twists and turns, some of which you expect and might even guess, some surprises.. and it wouldn’t be a five-star book without some more serious themes to balance out the slowly developing friendship (and more). There’s everything you’ll need: humour, tension and emotion (don’t tell anyone but I got choked up at one point!).

I enjoyed every page and will have to get the paperback, too. Detour to Love is simply brilliant.