Review: Hot London Nights

The London series, book 7, tells the story of Gina, a London property seller and India, a biscuit company bigshot and TV celebrity. They end up together for business (India needs a home, Gina finds her one) but keep bumping into each other accidentally and later, on purpose.. and then what happens? We know what happens! Hot London Nights by Clare Lydon is sure to be another hit.

There are irritating exes and family conflict, there’s a secondary, historical love story, Pride celebrations, chocolate biscuits and other goodies, plus houses, flats, and rooftops in London.

The main characters are believable and real, like in every Lydon novel this far – they have their ups and downs, successes and failures, and sometimes you feel like shouting at them not to be so pig-headed! I so felt for Gina – been there, done that, got the headache (ugh, mommy dearest).

In the end, we’ve met some old friends (from previous London books), held our breath for the reunion of the secondary pair and seen the protagonists happily together, as it should be. 

Last but not least: when a book is sapphic, funny and at least 50% of it is a love letter to London, what’s not to like? Personally, I think this might be the best of the series yet.


Review: You’re My Kind

As a nod to a certain movie mentioned in the book: Gripping. It’s not Jane Austen, it’s not Henry James but it’s gripping.

A bit darker tones here in a story about love, life, death and – cake. Justine is more than a bit bitter about her ex, Maddie, suddenly turning up to a friend’s funeral.. and even more so when she finds out Maddie intends to stay and wants to be friends again. Maddie, who ten years previously just up and left without any explanation! The nerve!

Basically You’re My Kind by Clare Lydon is still a romcom, with the dark nicely balanced with the light-hearted. I wouldn’t have been as forgiving as Justine, but to each their own.

So many good bits, funny and sweet and emotional.. and I’m so happy I didn’t read this on day two of my period (tmi, sorry)! Especially loved the gender-neutral baby things, the toolbelt reference, the dachshund.. and probably other details I can’t think of right now. Have to read it again soon!

Oh, and this one:
I stopped breathing. Just the fact of her lips so close to mine rendered me speechless.
I held my breath too while reading that! Like I said, gripping.


Review: London, Actually

The best of the series! No, seriously. All the things that are good in a Lydon romcom, dialed up to the max. There’s the usual gallery of main characters who are sweet but far from perfect, quirky friends and relatives (and of course, old acquaintances from previous books), and a plot that will keep you entertained to the end.

Cleo and Becca meet at a wedding, and while neither is looking for a relationship with the other, they hit it off and become friends. Friends who can’t seem to stay away from each other, no matter how hard they try to convince themselves.

Snappy dialogue, funny (and sometimes embarrassing) situations, and London as the backdrop.. London, Actually by Clare Lydon was pretty much the perfect romcom. I also loved how it sometimes made fun of itself.

I started this book the same day it was released (some time in the evening) and couldn’t stop reading until the end, which was in the small hours of the next morning. My eyes were double-bagged the next day but it was so worth it!


Review: A Girl Called London

Part three of the London Romance series, A Girl Called London by Clare Lydon is heaps better than the first book (which was ok, pretty nice, but not quite worth four stars IMnsHO).

Here are again two women who are quite different from each other: Tanya who on the outside is the super confident, successful, even seemingly entitled, type – and Sophie, who needs a new job on short notice and is definitely not interested in a relationship. They keep running into each other, and after a bunch of coincidences they’re off to a road trip together!

It’s not all fluff but then again, nothing too heavy or angst-ridden, although the bits about homophobia may hit too close to home for some of us. You know there’s going to be a happy ending, and the only thing you wonder is how and when – and what about that situation or this character…

The characters are great – multifaceted, believable, far from perfect. And there are dogs! Dogs make everything better (ask any dog-owner).

This was a really enjoyable read, and now it looks like I’ll have to read the rest of the series. The fourth, newest book is out at the end of this month (27th June, 2018) and I’ve only read two so far!


Review: Nothing to Lose

Nothing to lose by Clare Lydon – here’s what I wrote on Goodreads when I’d read it (20th November 2017): “bought it yesterday at 22.15 (Kobo), finished reading today at 02.45. Damn, it was good – couldn’t put it down and got all exasperated at my spouse who kept talking to me and interrupting my reading!

”Another nice, feelgood romance to read over and over, another writer to fangirl over, more books to buy (physical copies next!)… *groan* :-D”

This was the first book by Lydon I read and it really seems like I started from the top. It’s a lighthearted romance with some more serious undertones, but nothing is ever really angsty or too tough.

Scarlet is among the many people in her hometown who has to be evacuated because of a flood. Joy is one of the volunteers who offer temporary accommodation – and she’s also the town mayor. Scarlet is a pessimist, sort of adrift in her life, while Joy is a recently divorced life coach and mostly an optimist.. just a bit hesitant to come out. Their romance is actually quite predictable, but really sweet, and the supporting cast is great.

I had nothing to lose by buying this book (the e-book was a limited-time 0,99€ bargain) and it made me want more… like loads more. Glad there’s a lot to read; Lydon is quite a productive writer.