Review: Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line by KD WIlliamson is the fourth book in the Cops & Docs series (but only the second one I’ve read). Exes Dani and Rebecca are thrown together again after a few years and there’s a whole lot of tension – not just the sexual kind. It’s like the aftermath of a war between these two, but they have to learn to get along again.

At first there’s a whole lot of bad blood between the two main characters, and their individual storylines reflect that. Both just try to to focus on their jobs. One’s kind of cold at work, too, one tries to adjust to a new workplace.

There are a few important supporting characters who are really fleshed out, complete people with their own traits, flaws and storylines. Main focus is still very much on Dani and Becca, with all the angsty slow burn you’d ever want. There’s even a bit of hate sex and hurt/comfort thrown in, so this was quite a ride. I liked it!