Review: Meant to Be Me

First of all, this is Hudson’s best yet!

Things start innocently enough – there’s a chance encounter and instant attraction sort of a thing between Darcy and Eilidh. Darcy’s best friend, Anja is very supportive but cautious, because Darcy has a stalker. Through everything, Darcy tries to stay optimistic but careful, Eilidh seems to be looking for love, and Anja has her own personal things to figure out, too. 

These three plus a few supporting characters make up the cast around whom the story revolves and tightens until it’s almost too much and you need a break – but can’t stop reading.. because it’s almost too much!

The storyline and characters are realistic and relatable, so the thriller side of Meant to Be Me by Wendy Hudson is truly scary. There are no instantly recognisable super-villains: this mad stalker could be anyone! To counterbalance the thrills, the romance is really sweet and warm. Of course the reader is again ahead of the protagonists, which makes for a nail-biting experience – and it remains gripping until the very end*).


*) and in my case, beyond the end. The story continued in my dream, where [redacted] had [redacted, censored] and was plotting revenge. Was happy to wake up a bit earlier than usual!

Review: Family Ties

“Brilliant! I’m going to lose some sleep tonight but who cares, I have to know how this ends!” That’s what I wrote on Goodreads when there was still a bit left to read.

It’s been a while since I’ve last read a political thriller – and being thrown right into the middle of the action felt great! Family Ties by Amanda Radley has it all: kick-ass heroine, big supporting cast, intrigue, even chase scenes and… and everything you’d want in this genre.

This book is a bit like P.D. James (loads of upper-class characters) meets John Grisham (gripping action that you don’t want to stop reading), but then again, there’s warmth and humour, sometimes in unexpected places.. yeah, it’s Radley.

The action is breathtaking at times, but it’s nicely balanced with calmer moments, and I never felt that there was too much of either. Sarah, the main character, was thoroughly fascinating; I really hope there will be more books with her as the lead.

(I know, this is a short review but I don’t want to spoil anything – so will not comment on the plot at all!) 


Review: Four Steps

I finished this book just a couple of days ago and basically, I’m still flailing and trying to form a coherent sentence. So damn good! This deserves all of the awards and I’m blown away that this was a debut novel. Holy moly, what a start!

There’s a mystery that is revealed little by little, mostly through flashbacks. There’s a romance between the reclusive Alex and Lori, who’s finally realising she has settled for something that’s not quite what she wants. There’s a cast of great characters, plus all the beauty of the Scottish countryside and… just read it already if you haven’t!

At first the two plotlines in Four Steps by Wendy Hudson seem completely separate, but of course they won’t stay that way. When they intersect, the action speeds up and you will be hard pressed to stop reading and do something else (like go to sleep). It gets violent, though, so be warned if you’re squeamish.

The love story is slow and sweet and I’ve rarely read a more beautiful sex scene. All of the feels, none of the clinical description. The characters all seem real and believable, the baddies included.

Note to self: buy the paperback too!


Review: Mine to Keep

Mine to Keep by Wendy Hudson is a thriller/romance. There’s Erin, who’s recently lost her mother and now trying to find her father, of whom she only has vague memories – and nightmares. There’s Abigail, a chef and part owner of a hotel (in a castle, in Scotland! see why I got interested?), who along with her brother, strike up a friendship with Erin. Mysteries, leads and rumours about Erin’s relatives abound…

Part of the story is from the villain’s point of view, so there isn’t really a big mystery or suprise for the reader – but that doesn’t mean you won’t be hanging on the edge of your seat, wondering how it will all turn out.

I loved the setting – small town/village and the castle – and the characters were great; I especially liked the (at first) withdrawn and taciturn Erin. And the villain was super creepy!

Now I have to get my hands on other works by Hudson…