Review: Presidential

cover of Presidential

If you thought dating while famous was hard, try doing it when you’re the president!

Presidential by Lola Keeley is an age-gap workplace romance, which is surprisingly low on angst. Basically, this is a feelgiod utopia; we can only wish it was real some day!

Emily is an environmental lobbyist, intent on saving the world. She doesn’t usually get in the spotlight, but when she does, practically everyone notices. Connie, the president, is a widow and single mother, and a bit of an ice queen. Her known bisexuality hasn’t been much noted before, but enter Emily – and rumours start to fly.

The characters are great, very human and relatable, and the political bits of the story also seem real – so much deals and compromise and chasing poll results.. this was a gripping one I didn’t want to put down, even though a couple of scenes seemed a bit rushed.

I’ve actually read this novel before, way back, when its name was something different and it was still a bit ”raw”. So happy it’s a real novel now; us wlw readers need these stories! 



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